McCallum-Turner, Inc. (McCallum-Turner) is a small business established in 1991 specializing in providing management and engineering services of a broad nature. McCallum-Turner has served complex institutions involved in the creation, advancement, application and/or utilization of science and technology, and in the development and delivery of power (electricity) to consumers.

McCallum-Turner is outcome-oriented in terms of delivering results that have high impact on the strategic outcomes and business goals of it clients, and is project-oriented in terms of delivering products and services that meet client expectations, are on time and within budget, are of the highest quality, and meet the highest professional standards.

For these reasons, McCallum-Turner has established and enjoyed long-standing professional relationships with our key clients. To achieve these objectives, McCallum-Turner has acquired personnel who understand and embrace the key principles of customer orientation and service, appropriate standards of professional and personal conduct, a strategic approach, effective project delivery, and a willingness to improve continuously.
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